Cow Names

Why would anyone want to name their cow? Find out why and also find a list of several cow names to choose from in this article.
AnimalSake Staff
One would wonder why cows should be named at all, especially when they belong to a herd. The reason, and this one is scientific, is that giving personal attention to a cow by giving it a name yields better milk and increases production. Just as humans are sensitive to personal touch, so are cows. They are happier when given attention, and therefore produce more milk. A happy cow also means a healthy cow, and no one would know how necessary it is to keep cows healthy and happy more than farmers. Research has also shown that cows have a sixth sense and are sensitive to emotions and people. As such, when given the importance they desire and deserve, they develop a strong and positive bond with their owners, proving extremely profitable to them.
Though many of you think that cows are dumb, they are actually very elegant animals. If you have ever noticed their gait, you will know. Therefore, they should be given names accordingly. Given below is a complete list of cow names in alphabetical order, with their meanings.
A - Z Names Meaning
A Aine Fervent
Alane Fair
Anuva A Fresh Start
Alair Cheerful
B Bayley Courtyard
Bruna Dark-Haired
Briella Goddess
Breeda Protective
C Cherise Darling
Charlaine Feminine
Chela Solace
Cindel Meaning Unknown
D Darah Wise
Dionne Belonging to the Sacred Spring
Devan Divine
Danni God Will Judge
E Eleena Shining
Estee Star
Elissa Short for Elizabeth
Eadlin Princess
F Francina Free One
Felicity Happy
Fara Voyager
Fleur Flower
G Grizelda Grey Haired
Gisela Pledge
Gabriella Of God
Galia Meaning Unknown
H Hedy Warfare
Helga Pious
Harlene Meadow
Hulda Beloved
I Innocenta Innocent
Iona Belonging to the King's Island
Ivory Pure
Izzare Star
J Jaida Jade
Jana God's Gift
Jamilee Beautiful
Jemimah Little Dove
K Kaira Peaceful
Kalila Dearly Loved
Karley Strength
Kecia Great Joy
L Lakeisha Joyful
Landra Counselor
Lea Tired
Leanna Beautiful Woman
M Mable lovable
Madeleine Tower
Mahala Tender
Marcelia Warring
N Naiyah New
Nehama Comfort
Neveah Butterfly
Noelle Birthday
O Olexa Defender of Mankind
Oma Olive Color
Oralie Golden
Oriel Bird
P Paloma Dove
Patrice Noble
Paguita Free
Penelope Dream Weaver
Q Qeturah Incense
Queenie Queen
R Ramona Defender
Ranice Lovely Melody
Raquel Innocent
Reese Fiery
S Sabrina Legendary Princess
Sapphire Precious Stone
Seana Present
Sela Rock
T Talia Dew of Heaven
Tahu Pure
Taura Astrological Name
Teisha Sweet Melody
U Ula Sea Jewel
Una White Wave
V Vika From the Creek
Verina Protector
Voleta Veiled
Violette Little Violet
W Wenda Comely
Wido Warrior Maiden
Wilda Untamed
Wilma Protector
X Xaviera Bright
Xalvadora Savior
Y Yaffa Beautiful
Yedda Beautiful Voice
Yonina Dove
Yetta Generous
Z Zahrah White
Zina Welcoming
Zenobia Father's Ornament
Zuri Lovely
Some More Names
This list is perfect for those in search of some cute names.
  • Cinnamon
  • Copper
  • Jumbo
  • Hulk
  • Flopsy
  • Moose
  • Muffin
  • Shorty
  • Tabby
  • Snowflake
Funny Names
Take a pick from this list if you wish to go for a name that is funny, cute, and fun.
  • Al Poochino
  • Justa Cow
  • Holy Cow
  • Bigmoocow
  • Fatmoocow
  • Snoozer
Giving names to every cow in the herd gives these intelligent beings an individuality that they appreciate, and they return the emotion in the best way they can. This bond is unique, and as mentioned before, also very profitable to those who make the most of it.