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Cute Animals That Can Actually Kill You

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa May 10, 2019
Appearances are often deceiving. This old saying holds true when you will hear about some of the adorably cute animals that are dangerous. Before you go ‘Goo-goo Gaga’ for these animals, if you happen to meet them in real, make sure you admire a few of them from miles away.

1. Slow Loris

Just look at those gentle eyes and cuddly appearances. Slow Loris is, however, no joke as it is a highly venomous animal. If it feels threatened, it won’t waste any time and mix its venom in its saliva and fur to harm the potential predator.

2. Polar Bear

Polar bears are no cuddly teddy bears. They are vicious carnivores which will stalk and kill humans. The good news is they live in an icy land where encounters with humans are quite a rare occurrence.

3. Leopard Seal

Look at those cute puppy eyes. These ‘ocean puppies’ are not animals to play with.
The leopard seals are 10 feet long and very aggressive. Anyone who dares to get too close to them is inviting trouble, big trouble.

4. Raccoon

Raccoons often reach human homes scavenging for food. They may sound fun, but they can spread leptospirosis, tularemia, toxocariasis, rabies, and mites to humans. It's not worth a gamble if you don’t know raccoon you come in contact with is infectious or not.

5. Wolverine

The wolverine is just as dangerous as the Wolverine from X-Men.
They are cute animals that can kill you due to their ferocious nature. They will hunt down anything, even humans if needed.

6. Chimpanzees

You may have seen chimps hugging and loving humans in many animal documentaries. However, they are highly dangerous creatures with violence a part of their daily life. If you are no expert on chimpanzee behavior, avoid getting close to them at all costs.

7. Duck-billed Platypus

They are one of the few mammals who lay eggs, but also one of the few who is venomous. The male platypus can sting a venom that feels like a hundred of hornet stings. Better stay away if you don’t want to remain out of action and in pain for a few weeks.

8. Mute Swan

It is quite unbelievable for many to picture the graceful swan as a dangerous creature. The swans are highly muscular and won’t shy away from attacking anyone who they perceive to be a danger to their territory or babies. You might end up with broken bones, bruises, and other injuries with an encounter with the cute swan.

9. Pandas

We all love the cute panda videos shared on social media. These herbivores have a very strong bite. If they attack humans out of fright or aggression, they will cause severe puncture wounds that can be deadly at times.

10. Koalas

It is surprising to see koalas appear in pictures of cute animals that could kill you.
These pretty creatures may not be able to kill you, but have a strong and intense jaw bite that will cause significant damage.

11. Dingo

Dingoes are dog-like animals which appear cute and tamable. However, keep in mind they are wild animals which can be very aggressive and won’t shy away from biting humans. Keep away from this cute pack if you love life.

12. Dogs

A dog lover will vouch for the fact that they are man’s best friend.
It is also a fact that dogs can attack humans and infect them with rabies. There have also been many cases where packs of dogs have managed to kill adults as well as kids in a frenzy.
Most of the ridiculously cute animals that could kill you should be admired from far. If you are not sure about the animals’ nature it is best to avoid them. Call on experts to help animals in distress as many times they may perceive you as possible danger and attack.