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42 Cute and Funny Animal Pictures With Captions to Crack You Up

42 Cute and Funny Animal Pictures With Captions
Members of the animal kingdom, besides us, of course, can be extremely expressive. Alas, if only understanding them was as easy. But worry not, as this AnimalSake post brings you some cute, sweet, and crazy pictures of animals that will make you laugh. Yes, we've placed captions on them.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
"You know, sometimes the world seems like a pretty mean place. That's why animals are so soft and huggy."
―Bill Watterson
Soft and hug-worthy they definitely are, which is why it's so hard to resist their charm. Animals, both wild and the not-so-wild can be hilarious when they want to, and their crazy antics have been a great source of laughter for us human folks.

Therefore, we just thought of bringing you that same kind of hilarity with a lot of funny animal pictures with captions on them. Well, we'd never understand what these animals really have to say, but judging their expressions, I'd say our captions have gotten really close.

Read, laugh, and enjoy!
Funny Animal Pictures with Captions
Air polluting cow
Belieber cow
Boyfriend material lamb
Candid Camera shark
Cheeky zebras
Curious cheetah
Cute orangutan
Confused lion cub
Dancing crane
Dramatic zebra
Exasperated kangaroo
Facebook chimpanzee
Fashionista cat
Fancy haired goat
Flirtatious monkey
Forrest Gump goat
Frustrated lioness
Funny blue footed boobie
Gangnam monkey
Goofy alpaca
Heart breaker kangaroo
Hungry tiger
Intimidating owl
Hygienic lion
Loreal horse
Macarena chimpanzee
Naughty bears
Party bird owl
Romantic cheetahs
Sassy gorilla
Scandalized pug
Scary tarsier
Scary wife lioness
Singer horse
Smart lion
Stylish monkey
Teenaged lion problems
Wolverine kitten
Surprised monkeys
Uncaring lion
Watchful ducks
Close up of ostrich head
Surprised cat