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101 Funny and Cute Pictures of Baby Animals That are Pin-worthy

101 Funny and Cute Pictures of Baby Animals
Who doesn't like to watch little furry creatures with those huge, doleful eyes? AnimalSake brings you a truckload of adoration-inspiring compilation of cute and funny pictures of baby animals. Behold, and then squeal.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
"It's so cute, I want to eat it!"
Scientific studies tell us that seeing something cute brings out a sense of aggression in humans. The next time you want to squeeze a chubby baby's cheeks or crush your pet dog with a big hug, you know where it's coming from.
Imagine a tiny little being with a big head, looking at you with large, innocent eyes. How can your heart not melt? Baby animals have always had that irresistible appeal to humans; come to think of it, it is probably how domestication of animals actually started.

I, for once, have never been able to resist the charms of these cute-as-a-button babies, with all their furry/feathery helplessness. One look at the following pictures, and you'll be floored as well.
Funny Pictures of Kittens
Baby cat
Cute kittens sitting in basket
Persian cat
Graceful kitten looking up
Funny birthday kitten in studio
Cute kittens
Little kitten lying on sofa
Little kitty lying on couch
Red kitten in hand
Kitten surrounded by feathers
Kittens in garden
Sweet cats
Black little kitten
Small tabby kitten
Cute Pictures of Puppies
Jack Russell terrier and french bulldog puppies
Labrador retriever dogs
Easter dalmatian puppy
Jack Russell terrier puppy
Cute puppies
Pug puppy
Puppy border collie in basket
Puppies boxer
Dog upside down
Dog in sleepy mood
Pomeranian dog
Maltese puppy
Cute puppies lying in bed
Boston terrier puppy
Sweet morkie puppy
Sweet Pictures of Chicks and Ducks
Baby chick newborn
Sweet Easter chicks
Cute baby chicks
Chickens conversation
Small yellow duck
Little baby chicken
Little chicken
Adorable Pictures of Bunnies
Baby rabbit
Baby rabbit in garden
Young rabbit
Jack Russel terrier and bunnies
Lion head bunny rabbit
Adorable rabbit
Baby rabbit
Gray rabbit and yellow chick
Easter rabbit
Baby rabbit
Cute rabbit riding bike
Satin mini lop rabbit ear up
Sweet Baby Owl Pictures
Baby tawny owl
Little Owl
Little Owl
Ural owlets japan
Young spotted owlet
Little owl on tree
Lovely Pictures of Little Rodents
Little guinea pig
Gray squirrel
Wood mouse
Small guinea pig
Cute guinea pig
Guinea pig in box
Peruvian guinea pigs
Albino mouse pose
Cute Pictures of Big Cats
Cute lynx kitten
Lion cubs waiting together
Cheetah cubs
Black and spotted leopard cubs
Tiger cub
Funny Pictures of Farm Animals
Newborn lamb on spring meadow
Funny goat puts out tongue
Lambs on pasture
Piglet standing
Funny pig hanging on fence
White pig
Pigs grazing on grass
Pictures of Baby Elephants
Baby elephant
Baby elephant
Baby elephant
Funny Pictures of Monkeys
Baby Sumatran orangutan hanging on rope
Gibbon monkey
Monkey in garden
Cute Pictures of Pandas
Panda bear
Giant panda
Young panda bear sleeping in tree
Sleeping giant panda baby
Giant panda bear cub
Adorable Pictures of Other Animals
Sleeping koala
Roe deer fawn
Baby emperor penguin
Baby harp seal
Fennec fox
Slow loris monkey
If looking at these made you want to bear hug your pet, by all means do so. But do remember to be gentle. If you don't have a pet, we'd really recommend you get one right away.
Turtle Baby Close Up
Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Four Cute Baby Raccoons
Penguin Feeding Baby
Baby-eagle in basket
Two Baby Bonobo Playing With Each Other