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What Do Snails Eat?

What Do Snails Eat? Leaves are Their Best Friends, Perhaps!

Although tiny in appearance, a snail does eat a variety of foods when hungry. Here's a look at the kind of food that they love to eat.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Snails are one such species that carry their home wherever they go. They have a coiled shell into which they can completely retract in case of danger or otherwise. There are land snails, freshwater snails, and sea snails. They belong to the molluscan class Gastropoda. They are known for being one of the slowest living creatures around.
What is not very much known about snails is that they can be found in a variety of environment. While many are found on land, there are few, which are found even in freshwater or the depths of the sea.
Yellow Snail Crawling
Yet another surprising fact is that land snails are in a minority as compared to the marine species. These land snails are the ones you may have glimpsed in your garden sitting on a leaf.
Snail Eating Roselle Leaf
So, have ever thought what they eat? This tiny animal may not have a large appetite like most of us, but surely do eat quite a few things. Land snails belong to the herbivorous category. If you wish to please your pet snail, you can include loads of things in its diet plan. Terrestrial snails can eat leaves, fruits (especially apples), algae, the soft bark of a tree, grass, carrots, etc.
Aquatic snails feed on slightly different varieties of food. They also eat plants and algae, and apart from this, they feed on plankton and other various types of organisms that are found in the water.
Snail Eating Broom Plant
The common diet though of all snails includes plants, fruits, vegetables, and algae.
Land snails can be a pest to humans sometimes. These tend to cause damage to crops and plants. Well, man sure has a way of getting back! Sadly, these snails are included in specific cuisines across the world. Also, may perish when we use pesticides and insecticides on plants and vegetation.
Snail In Leaves
Tiny Snail On Stone
Lone Snail Moving Away Slowly
Snail On Leaf
Snail On Leaf
Cute Burgundy Snail Crawling