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Undeniably Interesting Facts About Monkeys

Facts About Monkeys
If a monkey yawns at you, then better let it be because it is most likely that you are making the animal angry. Many people incorrectly consider apes and monkeys to be the same, but that is not true.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Old and New World Monkeys
Monkeys are either classified as Old World Monkeys, or New World Monkeys. The species which fall in the former group are those who hail from Africa, central to southern Asia, Japan and India. While those whose home ground happens to be Mexico, Central and South America, are put under the latter group. Monkeys are different from apes or prosimians (defined as primitive primates bearing large ears and eyes, they usually have nocturnal habits). Many may be unaware of the fact that monkeys are smaller and longer-tailed.
Largest Species of Monkey
Mandrill Baboon
The largest species of monkeys is the Mandrill. It is often mistaken for an ape because of its size (1 - 3ft).
Smallest Monkey
Pygmy Marmoset
Pygmy Marmoset
The smallest monkey in the world does not grow more than 5 - 6 inches. This species is known as the pygmy marmoset.
Monkeys never catch cold!
Whenever I have a bad, nasty cold, it reminds me of monkeys. Because then I say to myself, 'Why weren't you a monkey?' Common cold may be a problem for us, but not for the monkeys. They never catch it, unlike gorillas and chimpanzees.
Monkey and its table manners
Monkey Eats Banana
Monkey Eating Banana
Monkeys are also known for their table manners. They never eat the banana without peeling of its skin.
Teeth of Monkeys
Baboon Baring Teeth
Monkey Baring its Teeth
Monkeys belonging from the Old World family grow 32 teeth while those from the New World, 28.
The Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
If you can hear a monkey howling from a distance of 3 miles or more, then know that it is the howler monkey. The species is reputed to be the loudest animal on land, and the largest of the New World monkeys.
Monkey brain, a delicacy!
If I were a monkey, I would never go to South Asia, China, and Africa. In these regions, a dish made from monkey brains is savored as a delicacy.
Give and take!
Monkeys Grooming Each Other
Monkeys Grooming Each Other
Monkeys like to stay clean and groomed. That is why a monkey would have another one to do a barber's job. The barber monkey gets paid in the form of bugs from the customer's coat. So it's a give and take concept!
The Unique Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey
The spider monkey can hang on to a branch by using only the tip of its tail. Also, it can be seen swinging from one branch to the other. Most monkeys simply run across the branches.
Beware of its signs!
Toque Macaque Yawning
Monkey Yawning
If a monkey yawns at you, then better let it be because it is most likely that you are making the animal angry. Also, if you see a monkey grinning or pulling its lip, then these are signs of aggression.
The cold survivors
Snow Monkey
Snow Monkey
Brrr.. Is it cold or what Mauris? Cold! Are you kidding me? I am a Japanese macaque bro!.. Snow monkey species, also known as Japanese macaques can survive temperature as low as -10 degree Celsius.
The endangered monkey species
Golden Lion Tamarin
Golden Lion Tamarin
The Golden Lion Tamarin is a majestic animal bearing a striking orange mane. But, thanks to human activities such as poaching, mining, and urbanization to name a few, this species is listed as endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).
Mating Habit
During mating, the female monkey gives out loud distinctive calls. Many scientists believe that the female does this for the male partner to reach its climax. This is more particular with the Barbary macaque species.
The White-faced Capuchin
White Faced Capuchin
White-faced Capuchin
Monkeys could be big rascals, but they can also do good for the society. Capuchin monkeys are put through extensive training programs so that they become conditioned enough to help people such as quadriplegics. They get trained for opening up bottles, washing the patient's face, and even working with the microwave.
Breeding Time No Bar
Monkeys do not wait for spring time to get cozy with their mates. Most of them can breed at any time of the year.
Common Species of Monkeys
Golden Lion Tamarin
Capuchin Monkey
Japanese Macaque
Gelada Monkeys
Howler Monkey
Spider Monkey
Rhesus Monkey
Vervet Monkeys
Olive Baboons
Squirrel Monkey
Proboscis Monkey
The presence of monkeys and various other animals on Earth are an example of the wide diversity of nature. It is because of their existence that we are distinguished as humans, and placed at the top of the ecological pyramid. And without these creatures around us, there would be no such pyramid, no such differentiation, and no more us! Chi hoo ooh!.. That's 'cheers' in monkey's language!
Wild Velvet Monkey
Japanese Macaque Clung To The Branch
Astonished Macaque Monkey With Mouth Open
Baby Monkey In The Park
Indian Monkey
Monkey Eat Corn
Japanese Macaques Jumping In The Snow
Vervet Monkey
Snow Monkey Nagano Japan
Patas Monkey Sitting
Wild Male Olive Baboon
Monkey In Nepal
Monkey Tamarin
Toque Macaque Monkey With Sharp Teeth
Baby Red Shanked Douc Langur
Gelada Male Monkey
The Golden Snub Monkey
Erythrocebus Patas Monkey
White Handed Gibbon Sitting In A Barrel
Lovely Monkey Baby
Yunnan Black Snub Nosed Monkey
Blurry Soft And Noise Dusky Langur
Blurry Soft And Noise Dusky Langur
Hanuman Langur In Bardia National Park Nepal
The Monkey Brazza
Red Faced Monkey
Monkey In Rishikesh
Rhesus Macaque In Bardia National Park Nepal