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Spinosaurus Facts

Facts About the Spinosaurus That'll Make Your Head Spin

The Spinosaurus facts presented in this article should provide an overview of details about this huge dinosaur from the Cretaceous period.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The Spinosaurus is a dinosaur from Cretaceous period and belongs to the suborder, Theropoda. This dinosaur existed around 122 million years ago. In the year 1915, information about this suborder was obtained for the first time from Egyptian remains; Theropoda is the suborder of bipedal saurischian dinosaurs. Ernst Stromer, a German paleontologist provided the description of this dinosaur. This fossil of the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and similar ones found in Kem Kem Beds of Morocco give an idea about the huge size of this creature; length of Spinosaurus from the tip of nose to the tail was around 17 m.
The Tyrannosaurus Rex had a much lesser body length of 13 m. The approximate weight of Spinosaurus could have been 12 tons. The word 'Spinosaurus' means 'spine lizard' or 'spiny lizard'. Spinosaurus is said to be the largest of all predatory dinosaurs to have existed on earth. Let us find some interesting facts about Spinosaurus through following paragraphs. These Spinosaurus facts should prove to be useful in understanding the creature in a better manner.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Facts
The information about dinosaurs is obtained mostly from research conducted on fossils. Scientists derive conclusions from these bits and pieces of information. Therefore, the facts obtained from research are not always agreed upon by all experts from this field. Information on different types of dinosaurs should be useful.
  • It is said that there were two species of Spinosaurus i.e. the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and Spinosaurus marocannus. Scientists however, suggest that only a single species of Spinosaurus existed.
  • Skull of this dinosaur unlike that of Tyrannosaurus Rex is long. The skull of Tyrannosaurus though is long, it is not narrow.
  • The sail of Spinosaurus was made of spines. Length of these spines made Spinosaurus' sail 6 feet high.
  • The functions of Spinosaurus sails are not known properly and this topic is still a matter of debate. However, controlling the body temperature is said to be the main function of these spines.
  • Another theory about the function of sail was that of attracting members of opposite sex. Working of the sail is said to be similar to that of a peacock's tail.
  • Teeth of the Spinosaurus were long and sharp. The pattern/alignment of these teeth was not like that of a serrated margin; it was more like the teeth of crocodile found in today's world.
  • The Spinosaurus lived in what is today's North Africa; this creature inhabited the tidal flats of coastal region.
Spinosaurus Facts for Kids
The facts about Spinosaurus presented below should provide interesting information about this huge creature.
  • The Spinosaurus is considered as not only the biggest dinosaur, but also the largest predator species of all land animals of the Cretaceous period.
  • The reason behind Spinosaurus having a long skull was that the creature had to feed on fish for survival in the coastal region. Along with a diet of fish in coastal regions, Spinosaurus also ate the other, smaller dinosaurs.
  • Front legs of this dinosaur were longer in comparison to that of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Scientists have therefore, speculated on the possibility that Spinosaurus were quadrupedal on certain occasions.
  • Speculations about this dinosaur being quadruped got reinforced by the discovery of Brayonyx. The Baryonyx was related to the Spinosaurus and it had robust arms.
  • Spinosaurus appeared in a Hollywood movie, Jurassic Park III. According to John R. Horner, the consulting paleontologist for this film, Spinosaurus was more of a scavenger than being an animal with hunting skills.
  • The depiction of Spinosaurus was presented in kids books for a long time. With more information about Spinosaurids available at present, the depictions of this creature have become much more accurate.
The facts about Spinosaurus enlisted in this article cover basic as well as some interesting information. Facts presented in this article let us know about the anatomy and functioning of body parts of this dinosaur. Information about the habitat also is presented in short.
Spinosaurus dinosaur hunting a snake
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